Life drawing modeling

Does anyone here have experience posing for life drawing classes in Montreal? I'm interested in posing, but can't really find any information on how to do so. I have looked into Dr. Sketchy, but the turnaround can be really long.

I have experience posing for photography, and I am an artist myself, so I'm somewhat familiar with the environment.

Opus cards

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone knowd if you can punch a hole in your opus card (Obviously not on the edge where the chip is)? I want to attach it to a keychain without one of those plastic case thingies. I've tried googling but to my surprise I couldnt find any info or discussion on this. I work as a cashier and I was able to punch a hole in my cash card as long as I did it on the edge farthest from the chip, so I would assume that the same principle applies here, but I wanted to check if anyone has had any experience doing this. Thanks!

Looking for alchermes

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an Italian liqueur named alchermes or alkermes. It's generally red and used for baking around Carnival time. I checked with the SAQ and they don't seem to carry it.

Anyone know someplace I can find it here?

black crin
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Texts from Hydro Quebec?

Has anyone here ever gotten a text from Hydro Quebec? I got someone saying they need to come by and read my meter (it's inside my apartment) between 8am and 2 pm at some point. Sounds a bit weird, considering the message was in French and all my correspondences are English. I sent a message to Hydro, but am I worrying for nothing? I asked for the guy's associate ID #, and I sure as hell am not giving them anything until I get a confirmation that they work for HQ.

stm fine

I have a friend who just recieve a 219$ stm fine for trying to enter the metro without paying, the guichet was closed and there was an opening so he went through the opening and 2 inspectors  a few minutes later came up to him and gave him a ticket. The problem  is that he doesnt have a job right now so he can't pay the 219$ fine . What should he do if he can't pay  the fine? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Toy & Bake Sale - Maison Mosaik

Don’t forget about our Toy & Bake Sale on Thursday, December 4 from 10am to 4pm. We are still looking for items to sell. So please drop items off by Wednesday, December 3.
We also need baked goods. Please drop them off during the day on December 3 or before 10am on December 4.

The Mosaik Family Resource Centre is a non-profit organization that links families in an informal environment of mutual respect and support. 514.227.1270

6215 Cote Saint-Luc Rd
La Maison de la Famille la Mosaik est un organisme à but non lucratif qui a pour mission de favoriser les liens entre les familles dans un climat de support et de respect réciproque afin que celles-ci puissent réaffirmer leur rôle dans la société et s’enrichir pour avoir une meilleure qualité de vie. The Mosaik Family Resource Centre is a non-profit organization that links families, residing in the territories of Notre-Dame de Grace, Montreal Ouest, Cote St.Luc, Hampstead and Snowdon, in an informal environment of mutual respect and support to affirm their role in society to enable them to enrich the quality of their lives within the community


Sephora VIB Sale Coupon


So Sephora will be having it's annual VIB sale of 20% off everything in store starting I believe the 5th of November and I while I definitely have a few things I really wanted to purchase I had major financial difficulties last year and am no longer considered a VIB which as far as I can tell means I don't get to participate... Boo!

That being said, however, from what I've been able to find out online it seems as if VIB members will be getting specific coupon codes they can use and share with others. So, I just wanted to ask if anyone happened to have an extra coupon they're not using!

Thanks bunches!

EDIT: I was able to get a friends code from someone on reddit, so if anyone else is looking, I suggest you try there!