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Hey folks,

This is an awkward question to post after having lived here into my fourth year now, but bear with me for a sec, I'll explain: I first moved here to do a masters at McGill and had no intentions of staying. The program was all in English, over half my classmates were American, and half the faculty were, too. I was planning to return to Manitoba afterwards, and I did. I was far too busy during my masters to have time to take any extra courses, so what I'm saying is, I never took French. But hang on, redemption is hopefully coming! :) I moved back to Manitoba for two years, realized that I missed Québec with all of my being, and thus started planning to take French. I wasn't a student any more, so programs like J'explore weren't open to me. It was going to be a pay-to-learn experience or nothing, so I registered for a month in an intensive program in Québec City. I went, I learned as much as humanly possible, and then I moved back here and commenced looking for a job, ha. I found one (telemarketing, boo) and it was revolting. I continued studying French through an online course ( that costs around 17 Euros per month and I took a six-week evening class, too. I go back and forth to Québec City somewhat often, speak French with my friends there, have a handful of francophone friends here, but they all prefer to speak English.

The bottom of the line is that I would really love to get work in my field again someday, but that would just take being a whole lot more bilingual than I currently am, and I just can't afford to not be working AND paying to study French. I love French and I would like nothing more than to be in French class all day! I just can't pay for it. I'm not an immigrant in the outside-of-Canada sense, so I don't qualify for the getting-paid-to-study programs. I have ONE friend who managed to get around the rules and received a stipend to be in French class all day, but he said it was a case of the lady at the Emploi-Québec office just making a huge exception for him. So, what I'm wondering is if any of you have managed to do this, and if so, do you have any tips to share?? I want to go to Emploi-Québec and start asking about it tomorrow, maybe... This is a very sincere desire on my part; I have moved here and plan to make my permanent home in Québec, and I'd prefer to never have to have a francophone switch languages to accommodate me ever again! Help?
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