anniepolly2 (anniepolly2) wrote in montreal,

restaurants with private rooms?

hi i just discovered this board today and i'm hooked!

i was looking for some advice on a nice spot to have a bridal shower/bachelorette party for a friend in about a month?
it'll only be a group of 10-15 girls max. but i worry we might get too rowdy in a restaurant, especially when opening the gifts. does anyone know any nice restaurants which offer private rooms but is affordable as well? most of the guests are students and don't want to impose too much, especially on top of the gift.

btw the wedding won't actually be taking place here, it will be overseas and none of us will be able to attend. this is more just a night-out for the bride and her gal pals before she leaves for her wedding. we're not looking for a crazy night on the town, more just a nice get-together, preferably somewhere with good food, affordable prices, and some privacy. location could be either downtown, ville saint laurent, ndg, or laval. oh and any cool bridal shower ideas would be appreciated too :)

thanks in advance!
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