wendykh (wendykh) wrote in montreal,

Beaubien Fire/Apartment for Rent

There is a one bedroom apartment (4.5) for rent in a villerary coop, no stove or fridge provided, next to cremazie metro, available almost immediately (as in within a couple days), for anyone homeless due to the Beaubien/Christophe Colomb fire. It's $610 per month, but you can has January for $300 (and we'll be negotiable on when you get that to us since hey you just had your house fried). Hydro not included (heat is! and believe me you'll about melt, no worries there!) and parking is included as well. Cremazie metro half a block away, grocery, butcher, deps, laundry, all you could want. Animals welcome. Awesome neighbours who don't party too much nor do they mind if you do once in a while. No annoying landlord since it's a coop.

I'm sorry it's not a general call out, but people displaced on Christmas get first dibs since it's a coop and all (a general call out will follow in a week or two if we don't find anyone). You gotta have proof you lost your place in the fire. Email me wendykh @ gmail for more info.

Spread it around, we really want to give someone shafted by this fire a home.
Tags: apartments

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