Barefoot Goddess (sparklymoon) wrote in montreal,
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Dental Fee Guide

This is kind of a strange question but I was wondering if there is a set price for all the dental fees in Montreal/Quebec/Canada, because I feel like maybe my dentist is ripping me off.  I tried Googling, and I found that apparently Nova Scotian fees range so much they started a fee guide, but I couldn't find anything about Montreal or QC.  I tried looking on the Order of Quebec Dentist site, which is, but the site doesn't seem to be working. 
I am also thinking of changing dentists anyways because mine is pretty far (I live in the Plateau and my dentist is in Dorval).  For the record my dentist charges me 135$ for my annual checkup and cleaning, and 81$ to fill a cavity.

ETA:  The site did start working and says this
Is there a guide for dental care fees?
Yes. The Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec publishes an annual reference guide entitled
Fee Guide and Description of Dental Treatment Services to help dentists establish a fee structure for dental services performed under normal conditions. The guide is available from the National Library of Quebec.

I tried looking for it online but I don't see anything pertaining to Quebec.

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