there ain't no tits on the radio (thecherrybomb) wrote in montreal,
there ain't no tits on the radio

i need a hair cut!

i've read some of the past posts on cuts but most seem to be either pretty old or specifically focused on curly hair or super cheap cuts. i have VERY fine/thin and it doesn't curl/wave/do anything. plus, i'm lazy. i throw gunk in my hair and go on my merry way every morning.

my wish list:
hopefully good with thin/fine/straight hair.
speaks and understands english (i just moved here and my french sucks).
a GOOD listener.
hopefully $100 (or less?) for a cut and colour (probably all over colour with a few low lights).
someone who can take my very plain hair and still give me a somewhat fun cut and colour.
prefer downtown or in the plateau, but open to other suggestions!

any suggestions? thank you!
Tags: hairdressers
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