i_ate_god (v0idnull) wrote in montreal,

I Hope You Go Deaf

So I was on the bus this morning and someone was listening to music. It sounded like the cheezy pop trash all the bars on crescent st. not sponsored by CHOM FM play every saturday night. Dressed in fashionably gino wear with the gold chain bling bling and slick oily hair. It was obvious to everyone around him just how much he was enjoying his Britney Spears spinoff music as his body moved in rhythm to his horrible mp3 collection.

The old woman sitting beside me did not share in his musical tastes. Those white ear buds Apple uses to get everyone to be walking ads for iPod's will betray every last note to anyone within a short radius from you, such as sitting beside or infront of you on the bus. Except you don't really hear the music with crystal clarity so much as you hear filtered, distorted faux noise with a sort of harmonic structure.

The old lady with her hair covering, cane, wearing that green puffy jacket old people wear all the time, politely asked (in a way only an old lady can) the gino to turn down his music. This asshole said "I'm free to do what I want, you're free to sit somewhere else.". I looked around, and there was no where else to sit.

I love listening to music, and I love to listen to it loudly, even when I'm on the bus. Which is why I invested in a great pair of Sennheiser headphones. Not willing to invest in a good pair of headphones? Then you're not passionate enough about music to be listening to it so loudly in the first place and should not be disturbing others on the bus with your shitty selection of noise pollution.

There is no excuse. One day's worth of work at $7/hr will get you a pair of headphones that won't leak sound. It may not sound as good as my mighty Sennheisers but it will at least block the music from escaping your head so old ladies everywhere can take the bus in the peace.

Sometimes I really hate the "Me Generation"...
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