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pure chaos

You've all seen it over & over. And so have I.

I have recordings from the radio I was listening to, watched the news, WAS THERE MYSELF, I mean...Just, the stories are too much...

It was 12:45. I was in Psychology class with Mary and the teacher was about to let us out for our break. I'M SERIOUS. I am so happy we finished the stupid topic on the stupid neuron, okay.

Someone knocked on the door. In the 4 weeks I've been at Dawson, there is no "knocking on the door" whatsoever. He answered it.

Person: blahblahblah
Teacher: Are you serious?
Person: (probably said yeah, and moved on to the next classroom)
Teacher takes a breath and faces us and, in the most calm way ever, says: Get up, get out and don't ask any questions.

Oh hell yeah we did. Mary started telling me, "Oh, it's probably a firedrill. Why are you so worked up? Vanier just had their firedrill yesterday."

"Well I mean, lots of sirens for a firedrill, huh? Oh hey, an AMBULANCE, that's pretty realistic. Oh wow, people are crying...WHAT KIND OF FIREDRILL IS THIS?!?!"

I looked beside me and saw a guy completely losing himself. He was struggling to keep himself from crying. I asked him if he was okay and he just started telling me everything he had seen.

"I was right there...Right beside the guy...He, he shot a guy in the neck and you just saw blood everywhere, gushing out of his body..."

I stayed with him until we found him a cop to talk to and a cigarette because he was freaking out. At that point, the cops told us to get off the street of the campus. When we crossed the street, we were ordered to walk away, for example, a few streets down to Alexis-Nihon. Orders followed. I ran into my friend Brandon from English class and we were all just talking to eachother trying to figure out what the hell was going on. We knew at that point: 4 people shot (leg, neck, stomach) and that there was a gunner in a trench coat and apparently a mohawk.

This...I will -never- forget this. No, I wasn't in the school, I wasn't injured, I didn't look him in the eye...but this feeling scared me like nothing has before. I turned to my left just to look around when I saw a MASSIVE SEA OF PEOPLE (must've been hundreds) just...sprinting towards me yelling and screaming with looks of terror all over their faces. Mary was talking to me but I just stopped listening to anything that was going on and took off. I had no idea where I was, the area, the direction I was running it. I JUST RAN AS FAST AS I COULD GO. We had heard gunshots and thus the swarm of people just ran.

Shortly after 1:30 p.m. a large group of hysterical students charged down Ste. Catherine St. after someone reported hearing gunshots near Atwater.

That's exactly it.

Brandon let me use his phone to call my mom who was completely astounded and just told me to get the hell out of there. The metro, of course, was closed so we walked to the Bell Center to get onto the orange line. I repeated my story several times and tried to inform everyone what was going on. The apparent deaths (ONE IS REPORTED. THERE ARE NOT FOUR DEATHS. Of the 20 whatever students, like 6 are in critical condition), the gunners, did he commit suicide? Did the SWAT team get him? So many questions are left unanswered. So much pressure is on the police but they will inform everyone once they understand the situation better.

So, got home and my mom let me know that some of my friends and my dad had called to see if I was alive and well. I went online and people were glad to see that I was okay and boy was I happy to see them signed on. I talked to Redd and it turns out his friend was the one who got shot in the leg...Man...>_< Later my boss called (I knew Jaime would be bugging to get me called) and Tanisha and few of my other friends. I just want to thank everyone for asking if I'm okay and worrying about me. And THANK GOD, I am fine. Shaken up, scared, unsure what to think, want someone to hug, sure. But, I'm okay. But, you can all stop telling me, "You should've gone to Vanier!" :3

So, I will never forget. Ever. To all those injured...my God...I'm so, so sorry this happened so randomly at, of all CEGEP's, Dawson...

I'm even more worried about death now than ever. Fourth time this month that something scary (on different levels, of course) has happened to me and that I could've died.

And, this is going to sound weird but I SWEAR TO GOD about this dream I had last night:

I was sitting in Psychology with Mary when a terrorist/gunner started shooting the windows of our classroom. The teacher evacuated us safely and it was just pure chaos with everyone running around. My dream was really detailed and the ending was different from what happened today but I mean...WHAT THE HELL KIND OF DREAM IS THAT.

Howard freaked me out, though...He was in one of the classes who had to barricade themselves in...GOD. I wouldn't be able to take it. Man oh man.

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