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Union of Swimming Pool operators has decided to join the Québec Bar Owners Association in their lawsuit to suspend the province's new anti-tobacco law. Here is how the spokesperson for the group, Jean Marc Dubois, explains the reasoning behind the decision when asked to comment:

"We have always maintained that it's the customer who should decide what is and isn't allowed at the recreation facility that they frequent. Many of our clients have expressed the wish to be able to pee while in the water, and I don't see why we have to force them to leave the company of their friends and do it in an uncomfortable chilly room with cold floors. I can't even fathom how much business we have lost because of this ridiculous requirement."

Mr. Dubois brushed off the criticism of the clientelle who say they "don't enjoy swimming in other people's urine:"

"Look, it's perfectly healthy -- this is, after all, why we add chlorine to the water, you know? Besides," he added, "every swimming pool will be divided into two sections -- the peeing half, and the non-peeing half. If you're such a snob, just swim under the clearly posted signs."

The Québec health ministry was not immediately available for comment.
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