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unique Edwardian clothing store in Montreal

Hello Montreal!  I have yet another question which I am hoping you can answer before our visit next week.

Back in 2000 when we last visited Montreal we found a great medieval clothing store called Excalibur (I should say medieval inspired clothing and accessories, very neat).  According to webpages, it still exists, at least in Quebec City.

We visited the store in Montreal, and are hoping there still is a location there. 

But there was also an Victorian/Edwardian-era clothing (or at least inspired) store in Montreal, which may have been run by the same company.  But I can not find it (or the official Excalibur clothing website) on the internet.

Does anyone know if Excalibur (the clothing store) in Montreal is still around?  Is there a similar Victorian/Edwardian clothing store?  

Thank you for your help.

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