Too cold like ice to touch ( saekuto) wrote in montreal,
Too cold like ice to touch

L'Oréal warehouse sale

can anyone tell me where i can find an invite for the L'oréal warehouse sale please? (ends nov 30th) i wanted to go on friday since i'm working sat and sunday.
i know you can write to L'oréal to get invites, but you need a compagny/business for that

(L'Oreal Canada
7215 Transcanadienne
Ville Saint-Laurent, QC
H4T 1A2
Tel (514)287-4900 extn: 4769
Fax (514)335-1897
Call the number above to get more details on how to get on the mailing list.)

even if i had a "place of business" i wouldn't get the invite on time...
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