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Aug. 9th, 2014

TH - *torg Tom&Georg tom gots a question


(no subject)

Has anyone taken any language courses at any of these schools? / Est-ce qu'il-y-a des personnes qui ont pris des cours aux écoles suivantes?

Jul. 28th, 2014


day trip to toronto for Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival (toronto caribana) Aug 2nd .

Hi, I have a huge problem I want to go to Toronto this saturday August 2nd for the Toronto Caribana, Im only going for the day.  I checked to buy a round trip tickets  and  the cheapest price is 150$. I find find anything cheaper than this price. I tried going on via rail and greyhound and its much more expensive . I don't know what else to do because I really want to go to the parade and I havent been there in a long time. I can get a discount because I'm not a student and I'm over the age of 25 .Does anyone have any suggestions . Are there any other companies that have buses or vans that are leaving to go to toronto early saturday morning?

Jul. 22nd, 2014



For Sale: Canvas Painting

This was painted by a local artist, was never hung, still in its original bubble wrap (only removed for the sake of these pictures). It can be hung in two ways (see pictures), 30x40 or 40x30 (depending which side its hung on). $45


More PicturesCollapse )

Let me know if you're interested. Located in the east end - St-Leonard.

Jun. 16th, 2014


garderie / daycare St Henri

Does anyone have recommendations for a day care in the St. Henri area? I need to find one for the fall, when my son will be 9 months. (Yes, he's on the public lists, but those waits are insane.)

I put him on the McGill daycare waitlist, but the system kind of screws first year students, since the wait is like a year and you need proof of enrolment.



Jun. 11th, 2014

irodori no sanka


2 Tarantino in Concert tickets for sale

Date: June 30, 7pm | le 30 juin, 19h

Where | où: Place des arts

Asking: $109 for the pair (exactly what I paid for them)

Prix démadé: $109 pour les deux (la totale originale que j’ai paie)

Paypal only! Paypal seulement!

Jun. 1st, 2014


Need a new old crank for my bike.

Hey folks, I was wondering if you all had any suggestions on where to find a new MTB crank for my bike. I trashed mine yesterday and I am bummed. I know everyone is gonna say "a bike shop?" but here is the rub, it is an old early 90's MTB with an old Deore XT part set. I would like to find another one from the same set.

More modern gear requires a different kind of bottom bracket than I have and I kind of like the look of the old Deore XT stuff. If someone has a line on a RH crank 175 mm long I would be ever so grateful. The part code is FC-M730.

I know there are cranks on the net, ebay has quite a few but I would rather get it locally cash than find a friend with a credit card to buy it online.

May. 28th, 2014


Buying a new condo

Hello everyone!

I have been recently looking into buying a new condo in Montreal. Particularly 21e arrondissement project on William street caught my eye or Bassins du Havre in Griffintown. Anyone that dealt with Prevel, what is your experience with them?
Also the mood in the web is that the condo market is slowing down making it harder to resell the property later on. What is your opinion on this matter?

Any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated!

May. 14th, 2014

profile pic


Massage Therapist Update: Eric Digras (Mile End Massage)

Hi Everybody.

It seems not many people know a massage therapist they would recommend since my post asking for massage therapist recs didn't get any replies :(

So, after doing a little bit of "market research", I've come across a massage therapist that I want y'all to know about: Eric Digras. You can check him out at his facebook here. His practice is called Mile End Massage and he's very good. He just started his own practice and his rates are very reasonable. I booked him for a half hour chair massage and I was very happy with it. I'm planning to book him for a longer appointment next time.

He's very professional. What I really liked (aside from the well-executed massage) is that at the beginning of my appointment, we sat down to talk about what I'm expecting to get out of the massage. Then afterwards, we talked about things I can do at home to maintain flexibility and mobility in my muscles. I really like how he maintains a rapport with his clients before & after the massage.

So if your muscles are in need of some TLC, give Eric Digras at Mile End Massage a try. 

May. 13th, 2014


Lingerie or other gifts for bridal shower party

Hello, I'm invited to a bridal party in a couple of weeks, and would like to get the bride-to-be something nice (not necessarily naughty). Any great lingerie stores in Montreal? Recommendations please.

May. 5th, 2014



Body sugaring

Anyone knows which spa salons in Montreal offer body sugaring services?


May. 2nd, 2014

Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Kurama


Looking for: size 18 dresses

I'm asking about this for a friend who doesn't speak english. She is looking for a dress for a wedding that would be made in size 18, or a large size 16. She lives in the St-Francois neighborhood of Laval and can travel to either around it or anywhere in Montreal. What would be some good places to check out?
Finder - Snow


The Last Unicorn screening tour

I'm not sure if this is under the right tag, but for a while now, you've been able to buy tickets online for the special screening of the movie The Last Unicorn, based on the book by the same name, by author Peter S. Beagle. It's part of a screening tour, they will only be there for the one day, and the author will be there to talk to and sign things. The date is May 18th. The movie has two screening hours, 4pm and 7pm. It will be shown at the Cineplex on 2313 St. Catherine St. West, in Suite 101. You can use SCENE VISA points to buy your ticket if you prefer.

Follow this link and choose a time at the bottom, then follow the steps to confirm your purchase of the tickets.

This is a great movie for older kids, but just as a warning, it is not some sappy Disney movie, but rather a more thoughtful and serious movie.

May. 1st, 2014


Recommended hairdressers for red hair

Have looked through all hair salon posts but can't find anything recent.

Can anyone recommend a salon/hairdresser in Montreal that is excellent with color? I'm looking to do a deep red. I've gone to multiple places for consultations (Icone, Au Premier) but am hoping to get first hand experience. Any feedback greatly appreciated.

Apr. 29th, 2014



Central Location for Role Playing Games?

A bunch of friends and I would like to get together weekly for some role-playing games. Unfortuneately we all live far away from each other. Choosing any one of our locations for the game would mean a 2-hour commute each way for the other players. So, I am hoping some folks can give good suggestions for more central places to play.

I did search this community and found a discussion on bars to play board games in, but I didn't want to limit the options to bars, if folks knew of other good locations.

Apr. 23rd, 2014


Taxe boutique Downtown mall


i am looking for a decent place where I can file my taxes.
My taxes are rather simple and in the past I have sometimes found accountants who rent a booth a the mall.
Which mall in Montreal offers such services right now. I prefer Downtown.

Thank you very much.

Apr. 17th, 2014

black crin


landlord issues (xposted to my journal)

So my landlady-person just threatened me with obstruction. I was not informed of a visit (she only asked my roommate and sent him an email around noon today, i was never informed of any of this) and I did not let the prospective tenants in (I was on my way out). The landlady said via email if my apartment isn't rented by July 1st we're responsible for it until it's rented. Meanwhile she refuses to let me know when people are coming, but she'll inform my roommate by email only, when he's unable to email during the day. Any suggestions other than sitting around my apartment naked while I'm home? We're all aware of the 24 hour notification, and we gave our notice in February.

Apr. 15th, 2014

profile pic


Where (or from whom) to get a good chair massage?

Hello Montreal community!
I'd like to enlist your help. I want to find out where (or from whom) is the best place to get a good, thorough chair massage. I didn't seek any recommendations for my last massage and it was very disappointing. So if you know a good place or a good massage therapist, lemme know :)

I don't have a car, so preferably it'll be STM-accessible. I'm willing to pay for a quality massage, but I'd like to keep the price tag (for a half-hour session) to nothing more than 100$. And, most importantly, I am not interested in a happy ending. Just the massage.
Thanks guys! 

Apr. 7th, 2014



Debit Card Point of Sale

If anyone is still active in this comm I'd appreciate your insight.

When using your debit card and PIN to pay for something in a grocery store or similar place, what's typically the maximum amount of cash you can get back? Can you tell me which establishments tend to have a high maximum?  For example, where I live, one of the supermarkets allows $20 cash back but a different store allows withdrawals of $100.

In general, when you use this method of payment (the PIN), do Canadian banks or retailers charge you a POS fee?  If you get cash back, is there a transaction fee?

Do you know if the rules are different for non-Canadian debit cards (tourists)?

Thanks in advance.

Apr. 2nd, 2014


Palm Sunday Charity Festival

Mar. 30th, 2014


found cat at Laurier/st-dominique


Mar. 27th, 2014



Cross-border moving companies: New York to Montreal

This may be a long shot, but I have a friend who is moving from New York to Montreal in May and wants to hire a moving company. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks. :-)

Mar. 21st, 2014

gd work it


Moving Sale (before apr 1st)

Hi there,

I'm selling a variety of things (textbooks, some canadian books --novels, etc.) as well as JPOP items (CDs, photobooks, magazines) if anyone is interested. I'll be taking some photos and putting them up on Craigslist soon so I'll link to that when it's done.

I'm not looking for much money, I just want to get rid of the stuff so I don't have to throw them or move with them.


Mar. 18th, 2014



Office technology AEC program


I've tried looking online a couple of times, but with no luck so I thought I'd ask here.

Is there anywhere in the city that offers an AEC Office Tech training program? I've seen a few that are specialized for medical/legal secretary, but that's not what I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated!

Mar. 13th, 2014


English oriented jobs?

What are some things like intermediate beginner french speaker can do for work? or am I confined to call centers?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Mar. 4th, 2014

ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu


Expired Driver's License Renewal

Hi folks,

My boyfriend and I will be traveling to the States this April by car and he just realized his driver's license expired... In January. So, we're going this Thursday to renew it, but I wanted to know if anyone knew when he will be getting it? We're looking at within 6 weeks, otherwise we'll have to take the greyhound :p If anyone knows, please share as it would be extremely helpful!


Feb. 27th, 2014


Looking for: Cobbler and dry cleaner


I'm looking for two of people's favourite and cheapest in the city :) Hopefully around the plateau! But if they're really cheap and awesome, other neighbourhoods could work too.

The zipper on my thigh high leather boots broke and it should be pretty simple but I need a cobbler to fix it.

And I'm looking for a dry cleaner who can clean a leather coat, a gigantic suede pillow, and a big winter coat!

Thank you!

Feb. 26th, 2014


Charity concert

Tickets for seniors cost $20

Feb. 25th, 2014


Looking for friends

Hey y'all,

I had a baby in Dec, and would like to find people to hang out with. I go to a mom's/playgroup occasionally, but everyone in the group is like 10 years older than me and their kids are toddlers and I just feel like the only thing we have in common is that we have kids.

I graduated from university this past spring (2013) with a degree in English lit. I spend a lot of time reading blogs. I also write stuff. I change my hair on pretty much a weekly basis. Basically, I'd love to find some other cool mama who can come by and drink coffee and talk about politics and feminism and pop culture as well as baby poop and breastfeeding - someone with whom I would be friends even if we didn't both have kids, but maybe someone who has a kid so our kids can occupy each other once they reach toddlerdom.  I live in St Henri.

Shoot me a message if you think we might be able to be friends! 

Jan. 29th, 2014



(no subject)

Hallo everyone, does anyone know where to find fungicide? Tried Canadian Tire but it seems it's a seasonal product!

Thank you :)

Jan. 26th, 2014



Salsa classes

My goodness - is it possible that there have been NO POSTS about salsa classes given in the city?? I'm seriously shocked. There is one post with no comments!

Anyway - my friend Marc and I want to take beginners salsa classes, somewhere inexpensive, fun, and we can drive there so no biggie if it's not too central. I'm 27, he's 39, any crowd really. So - suggest away!

Jan. 23rd, 2014


Clip-on side shields for glasses

Does anyone know where I can buy clip-on side shields for glasses? Just the pieces, not the whole frame...

Like these:

I see it on for $3-$4 but it's in the USA and a search through shows nothing. I haven't physically been to any store to ask yet, but if anyone already knows a good place where they sell it and don't force you to buy a new pair of prescription glasses or something unreasonable. I just need it for some of my courses.

Thanks in advance!


Cheapest/free plexiglass/acrylic/transparent plastic (ready made cube or sheets) in the city?

I am working on a sculpture and realized that transparent plexiglass/acrylic is crazy-expensive. That said, I need two 5-sided cubes (one bigger and one smaller to fit inside) for my sculpture and need suggestions on where to look. The bigger the cubes the better! If buying sheets of the material is cheaper, I would be willing to make my own cube.

I have scouted craigslist, kijiji and the net, but everything is just too dang pricy! Is there a warehouse somewhere that I can borrow a few things from? Kidding... but not really.

Any suggestions?

acrylic cube

Jan. 19th, 2014


Good Anti stress massage in Montreal


I am looking for a very good relaxing massage in Montreal. I have a preference for Ayurvedic massage.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Jan. 9th, 2014


selling handbag


Jan. 8th, 2014



Book title?

I am looking for a book that I read as a child, the title of which I can no longer remember. I am hoping that some literary Montrealophile might know the name. It was a YA historical fiction novel about a textile strike set in the city. It was written from the perspective of a teenaged worker caught up in the strikes.

All I remember is that it had 'summer' in the title (something along the lines of One Long Summer or One Hot Summer) and I believe it had two co-authors, one maybe named Martha...??? err... I have tried to Google various keywords, but I can't seen to find the name.

It's a long shot, but anyone?

Dec. 17th, 2013



Limoncello chocolates

Hi can anyone tell me where to get Limoncello chocolates?

Dec. 10th, 2013


Obtaining a diagnosis?

small back story:
Ever since I was in high school I've felt like I most probably had a learning disorder (dyscalculia). I can honestly say with zero pride not in all of my years of school k-11 haven't I passed a single math term . I exhibit all the sign of dyscalculia but I've never had a formal diagnosis.
I'm 21 years old and still cannot read an analog clock!
For as long as I can remember I've always found short cuts through having to deal with math. Mostly involving calculators and if that wasn't an option I would just fail outright.
I've "faked" a lot of understanding of things and have developed my own methods for coping.

So to get to the point-

Where/ who would I have to see to get my formal diagnosis?
should I start at a CLSC and ask for a referral?

I've started working as a cashier and I can't fake knowing how to handle peoples money. I would like to tell my employers about my problems but I don't want to bring this to them without being properly looked over by a professional.


Dec. 3rd, 2013




Hey, where does one find cool postcards in Montreal?

I'm looking for mailable, neat postcards, local subject matter optional, that don't look like they were designed by the tourism department circa 1992.

Dec. 2nd, 2013

[Speshul] This is just a moment in time


Suggestions for place to get haircut in montreal

Currently I live in Cote St Luc, but work in the heart of downtown. I'm looking for a place to cut my hair, preferably reasonably priced (though willing to pay more for a perfect fit). But here's the thing. I'm looking for a judgement free zone. I'm fat. And I don't mean chubby, I mean fat. And for a long time now I've wanted to cut my hair short (probably pixie short, well the sides at least). I'm not averse to edgy with some parts shaved. But I've also suffered from anxiety for a long time and want a hairdresser who'll support what I want and try and make the style fit me (not tell me I'm too fat for it).

Have an amazing friend who cuts hair into punky, short cuts? Know a great salon that does it? Looking for recommendations. Thanks so much! (Sorry if this came out as bitchy, I am so tired right now XD)

Nov. 28th, 2013

Pretty bird....


FOUND - male siamese rat

Hi Montreal,

This is a FOUND PET post. My friend found a pet rat last night in her neighbourhood (Ontario and Saint Andre). This rat is a male Siamese rat. Think siamese cat but a rat. Tan in colour with darker brown nose and ears. If you know of anyone who lost a pet rat or can take a pet rat please please respond to this post. My friend is unable to keep it and the SPCA wont take it and the Exotic Animal Vet doesn't have a foster program. This is not some street rat, this is a well fed and loved fancy rat who I am sure would like to go home. Please spread this message.

Thank you so much!

Salut Montréal,

Il s'agit d'un poste d'ANIMAUX TROUVÉ. Mon ami a trouvé un rat domestique la nuit dernière dans son quartier (Ontario et Saint Andre). Ce rat est un rat siamois mâle. Il est beige avec de nez et des oreilles brunes. Si vous connaissez quelqu'un qui a perdu un rat domestique ou pouvez prendre un rat domestique s'il vous plaît répondre à ce message.
Mon ami n'est pas en mesure de le garder et la SPCA prendre pas les rats et le vétérinaire des animaux exotique n'a pas un programme pour adoption des animaux trouvé. Il n'est pas un rat de rue, lui est une race domestique élevée bien nourris et aimeriez retourner à la maison. S'il vous plaît partager ce message.

Merci beaucoup!


Nov. 24th, 2013


Christmas Wreaths

Hi folks,

Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of fresh-cut Christmas wreaths - something to hang on the front door. I live on the West Island and work downtown. Somewhere on a bus route or near a metro would be great as I don't drive.


Nov. 23rd, 2013


Internet Programming & Development - A.E.C at John Abbott College

Hi everyone, I'm thinking about applying to this A.E.C program next year at John Abbott College called Internet Programming & Development  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                            This is a one year program and I wanted to know if anybody has taken this program or know someone who has ?  It for people who want to work as a website designer or web programmer . I wanted to know if the job prospects for this program is  good  or would I just be wasting my time. I would like to thoughts and feedback espiecially from those to work i this industry.                                        

Nov. 22nd, 2013


meeting francophones?

Where would an 21 year old, non student/introvert such as myself to go meet francophones? I know part of being able to properly learn french is interacting with people who can teach you. I don't have a lot of money to join organizations and such and bars/clubbing ect is just out of the question.
Is there some sort of activity or what have you that I can meet francophones who maybe even want to do an english exchange?
All the people I know/ work with are anglophones with just about a good of knowledge in french as me. I'm trying to branch out and meet new people.

Nov. 16th, 2013



Looking for a Spanish-speaking playdate!

Hey, dear people of Montreal!
Do you speak Spanish, have a kid of 2.5-3 years of age and live not too far from NDG/CSL? We're looking for you!
We are in a huge need of a Spanish-speaking play-date for our almost 3 year-old girl.
If you are what I described above or know somebody who sounds like it - please let me know.
If you have any advice on how to find what we're looking for - please, share your knowledge, it'll be greatly and immediately appreciated.

Nov. 15th, 2013

mud in the treads


Business card printing

I have my own business card design all ready to go, just looking for a cheap (and preferably quick) place to print them. I'm looking to print around 250, don't need very fancy paper stock or finish or anything. Do you guys have any recommendations? Thank you!

Nov. 14th, 2013

fallen angel


Income Tax!

I know this question has been asked but they are old and I've gotten no answer from the ones I tried.

Can someone recommend a good place/person that does Personal Income Tax? I'm a graduate student and I filed last year but they came back to me saying I owed them over$700! I have no idea if this is right and need to have someone go over it.  THank you! 

Nov. 5th, 2013


Chiropractor with maternity experience

I'm 8 months pregnant and having some awful pain from a misaligned rib. Anyone know of a chiropractor who has experience with pregnant clients?

Also, I'm 8 months. Is there even any point trying to get an appointment, or is the waiting list for chiros as crazy as the waiting list for other medical services?

Oct. 27th, 2013


Jamaican Patties

Hello Montreal!

I have heard of a few good places in Montreal to get Jamaican patties, however, I'm looking for something more in the NDG area. I don't have a bus pass nor do I really want to pay in cash for a bus if I don't have to. I walk everywhere that I need to go. I don't really know where to go/try in NDG for Jamaican patties though! The closest I've heard of was Mr. Spicee on Victoria/Vezina in CDN. Does anyone have any ideas?

Much appreciated! Thanks!


Pizza beer

Are there any stores that sell unusually flavored beers (pizza beer, milk beer, etc.?) I'm looking to get some weird beers for my friend to sample. Bonus points if it's bus-friendly.

Oct. 23rd, 2013

german avatar


Franz Ferdinand Tix for Sale TONIGHT

I have two tickets for the Franz Ferdinand show tonight at the Metropolis. Unfortunately, last minute babysitter cancellation means I can't go. I paid $102.30 for the two, but will let them go cheaper. They are email tickets, so I can email them to you if you send me an email money transfer.

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